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                Introduction of Tofflon Injectable Lab

                Tofflon injectable lab was established at 2006, which focused on lyophilization study for many kinds of products, interaction of facilities and process, special dosage and so on.

                                      Analysis room                                              Lyophilization study                                   Microsphere study



                To become one of the leading lyophilization lab in the world.

                To become one of well-known injectable lab in the world.


                To increase the understanding of the relationship between pharmaceutical production technology and the regarding facilities.

                To build the pilot study platform.

                To build the ability of pharmaceutical technical engineer which serves for both production technology and facilities.

                To serve for the scale-up process to pilot batch or production batch for pharmaceutical companies.

                To serve for the Technology Transfer from pharmaceutical companies

                   Abilities to analyze samples                                              Service provided


                Significant events