Merry Christmas

In today’s blog we want to give you ideas to pack Christmas gifts in a beautiful, personalized and easy way, so you can do it with the kids and enjoy the moment.

To make this DIY we have used the following materials:

Feliz Navidad

– Stamps with holiday figures

– Gift Wrap

– Tape

– Natural jute cord

– Black Marker

– Scissors

– Christmas figures to decorate

– Gift tags

 And the most important ¡ The #plumetirain garment that you have chosen!

So Let’s start ….

The first thing we are going to do is  make our shapes in relief to simulate our stamp.  We have chosen the TIGER kit to make our personalized stamps, but if you do not find it you can use a potato and make the shape you want.

Once you have it, you need to place the stamp with the ink and then print your paper by placing stamps on the whole surface, when it is finished then proceed to cut it in the appropriate size to pack the garments #PlumetiRain.

Feliz Navidad

You can also customize your gifts with pens, like this:

Feliz Navidad

 Now we only have to put in the details that  make it more special, for that we present several options:

Feliz Navidad

¡We loved our gifts!  Did you?. Leave us your comments through our Facebook and Instagram.

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¡Merry christmas and a happy new year 2017!


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