It was in a specific afternoon on a day like any other when in one of their regular walks around the mountains, still wet from the rain, Laura and Pablo gave free rein to the possibility of making their dreams come true.

Since she was a child, Laura had always fantasized inventing their own fashion brand. Her old notebook, full of ideas and designs, was well aware of the creativity of the girl who imagined creating fun garments with a delicate and elegant touch.

Passed on her passion and used to portray with his camera everything that happens around him, Pablo also knew how to capture that moment. That precise moment when, together, they decided to risk and realize their aspirations.

This is how Plumeti Rain came to be. Of those nostalgic days of rain where you have on a toasty warm sweater, you make crafts with the kids and find happiness in a cup of tea or hot chocolate. That nostalgia that remember how the drops fall from the window combined with our favorite texture, Plumeti, so timeless, sweet and delicate. That adventure of making dreams come true.


We believe that inspiration should always be awake, ready to be the first step of a new creation. Therefore, we are always attentive to everything around us in order to obtain the necessary stimulus to start our creative process.

Nature, nostalgia, stories, boys and girls playing outdoors… any time serves as an impetus, giving rise to our collections give off a perfect blend of delicacy, exclusive prints and poetry pinch.

For its preparation and use fiber materials such as cotton, wool or cashmere, which add a touch of fantasy with original fabrics like tulle or glitter, all developed through a meticulous handmade process which guarantees an absolute quality control and care to the smallest detail.

In conclusion, through designs that are based on the fabrics and raw materials, Plumeti Rain represents the spirit of childhood, creating delicate, elegant and funny clothes in which raw simplicity and good taste.